I Am Not Baked Potatoes

I don’t know why, but I’ve recently decided that I wanted to give dating a chance. I haven’t been in a relationship in a little over a year, and thought it could be…. Nice. Spoiler alert: it was not. I am not saying that it was awful, I honestly had a great time. The guy…

Dear Me

Dear Clarke,

Hi, this is (almost) 25-year-old you. I hope this reaches you in time.

I have a few questions for you, please take your time.

Have you figured it out yet? Or are you still having doubts?

Do you still think that best friends kiss? Or do you understand what’s happening?

Did you notice the way she looks at you? Or the way you look at her?

Why Do Names Matter?

Clarke is my chosen name.

Not the name that was given to me by my parents.
Not the name that was given to me by my parents.
Most people assume I’m using it as my online persona, but it’s so much more than that.

Gender? Who is She?

The fact that a different gender exists doesn’t make your gender identity less important. The fact that you identify with the gender you were assigned with at birth doesn’t make you better. It makes you privileged.

Monthly Post: Queer Families.

YouTube is a great place when you’re a young gay feeling hopeless about your future. It becomes even greater when you are an adult gay feeling even more hopeless about your future.

I personally follow a number of different lgbt+ families and I often try to make other people watch them in order to make them understand how normal these families actually are. Because that’s what they are. Amazing, normal, lovely families.

In Love with Your Love

Am I the only one who is more invested in two fictional characters’ love story than my own love life?
Luckily for me, I do have a Tumblr account and know for a fact that I am not the only hopeless gay out there.

Asexuality and Other Mysteries

Sometimes I wonder if people actually know that there is no such thing as normal. They tend to look at people and decide that they’re not normal. But what does normal mean? Ordinary? Or does it mean “like me“? Is anything different from what they are “weird“? Let’s say, I have dark hair. You’re a…

Should You Care About Somebody Else’s Sexuality?

Why do people feel the need to comment on someone’s sexuality and judge them because of it? What exactly makes them feel entitled to make comments about what can arguably be considered one of the most private parts of someone’s identity?

You’re Not Broken, You’re Asexual.

Since people seemed to find it odd, I did my research online and realized that I wasn’t broken.

I was asexual.

It took me a very long time to realize it and accept it. While I accepted my bisexuality the moment I realized that I was attracted to girls as well, accepting my asexuality was a much longer and difficult process to go through.

People don’t talk much about it and I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me that I was broken and that nobody would want to be with me after they found out the truth about my relationship with sex.

It’s Got Lesbians in It

A friend recommends a tv series and it doesn’t seem interesting until they say: “It’s got lesbians in it.”
Suddenly, you’re interested and this tv series sounds like the most interesting thing you’ve ever seen.

The Straight Best Friend

You fall in love with your straight best friend. How cliché, right ? It doesn’t even break hearts anymore. Well, except for mine, of course. There was a specific moment in our friendship when I looked at her and thought “I’m fucked”. There was something about her that kept me awake at night. I tried…

How to Be an Ally

Your friend just came out and you went into panic mode. You love them exactly as you did before they said those words, but you’re afraid that they won’t realize that nothing has changed.


I rely on writing as a way to express myself, since talking doesn’t seem to be my thing at the moment. (Or ever.) I do believe that it is important to write about a topic that matters, a topic that makes you feel like you could change the world with your words, a topic that…